I hate myspace!

Yahoo is thinking about paying $12 billion in stock to buy myspace???? I never knew a site infested with teeny-boppers, white trash, and pedophiles could be worth so much. They offer no public APIs or promote a development community. Try to make money with a widget on myspace and suffer myspace flipping the switch off. The experience while surfing myspace pages is reminscient of the MARQUEE tag circa 1992… Tainted by Newscorp / Rupert…ugh.

Facebook for $12B…now that makes sense. Open platform, encourages development, forward thinking, clean and consistent look & feel, college students and young entrepreneurs.


  1. Teeny-boppers, white trash, and pedophiles are the top 3 demographics for internet marketing, I believe.

  2. Andrew

    as much as people are still using it, and its still the number 1 networking site, selling it for that amount, after only buying it for $512 million, is a great profit. They just need to find some mug to pay that.

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