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Wow, how much is that experience going to suck for those people who rushed out to be the first to own the iPhone come 9+ months later when they find out that they have to send the phone back to Apple to get it’s battery replaced? 


The iPhone Experience?

Every blogger covering the iPhone hype, after now following in line to be the first to own one, is sharing their experience with the purchase and the device.  They describe it as a once in a lifetime event, an experience that is shared by few.   OK, as a technologist myself, i understand that it’s easy to get caught up in the next killer app, or cool device…but come on!!  By now, everyone should realize how FAST technology moves.  Have you looked at the first iMacs with the big-tube like monitor…you would never be caught dead using one unless it was part of some computer museum.  What about the first mobile phones?  Look like bricks that only the uber wealthy could own.The fact is that people get so easily caught up into the hype.  OK, it may be a great device, but how long will the euphoria hysteria last?  Relax people….IT’S A PHONE! 

Yahoo is thinking about paying $12 billion in stock to buy myspace???? I never knew a site infested with teeny-boppers, white trash, and pedophiles could be worth so much. They offer no public APIs or promote a development community. Try to make money with a widget on myspace and suffer myspace flipping the switch off. The experience while surfing myspace pages is reminscient of the MARQUEE tag circa 1992… Tainted by Newscorp / Rupert…ugh.

Facebook for $12B…now that makes sense. Open platform, encourages development, forward thinking, clean and consistent look & feel, college students and young entrepreneurs.

blackberry vs. iphoneI’ve owned a blackberry for more than 5 years, from the text-pager model to the latest Blackberry pearl. I didn’t fall for the Treo when it decided to offer Windows Mobile, and i especially don’t plan to go for the iPhone being that i’m a windows user.

My blackberry pearl syncs beautifully with Outlook 2007, i use it as a wireless modem on the road with my laptop, i installed the Opera-mini browser, IM+ Skype, Yahoo IM, Gtalk, google maps, gmail, the list goes on…

My next phone…a blackberry Curve on TMobile.